Improv Theatre Workshop | English

19:00 - 22:00

Haus 8 | Raum links

We surrender to so many shoulds and musts daily, and regardless of how much work we put into self-discovery, we barely allow ourselves to showcase our full versions in the surrounding environments.

Well, let’s do something about it, let’s have a place where we can simply UNSCRIPT OURSELVES!

Through this workshop series, we look at three things:

  • the art of being – striving towards showcasing a more complete version of ourselves
  • the top of our minds – working on quick reactions, free our mind, noticing patterns,
  • the concept of comfort – enlarging what we are comfortable with, while at the same time having a place we can simply BE a little bit more than the norm.

The aim, you ask?
Formally said, over time, increased ease of living.

The encouragement to add a little bit of conscious improvisational concepts that into your day-to-day life. „Conscious“ because life doesn’t have any script either, we’re all making it up on the go, aren’t we?

Otherwise, you take what you need out of these sessions, whether is new friends, reflective thoughts on your Strengths and NeedToWorkOns, a bucket of laughter, any & all.

Wear comfortable clothes, we’ll move a lot! 🙂


  • We aim to create a safe learning environment for everybody, where the spectrum of one’s individual identity is recognized and valued.
  • No sexism, racism, homophobia and the like get the space.
  • When it comes to humour, there is a huge amount of things that are funny, yet not offensive, so we will stick with those.
  • We ask of all participants to display respectful behaviour towards the group during and outside of the workshop.

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