Rootless | Theatre Play in English

You wanted a better job. You wanted to have more adventures.
You wanted to feel safer. You wanted to leave. You wanted to feel at home.

Home is not here and not there anymore. You‘ve been uprooted.
Now, you must adapt to this constant state of flow, this ever-present feeling of being in between.


Join us for a theatrical exploration tackling the unique experience of existing between places, between identities. Written by Atl Marsch, drawing on autobiographical elements, the play combines the desires, feelings, and fears of those needing to adapt to new surroundings and ways of life.

Sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, like life itself, the play transfers to stage particular life events that are both unique and universally relatable, meant to provoke your reflections about the stories unfolded on stage.

In this ever-changing world, how do you make decisions?

Do you stick to what you know?
Do you embrace change?
Or do you comply with what others expect from you?

Two upcoming dates:
📅 28 June
📅 29 June 

🚪 Doors open at 19:30
🕰️ Performance starts at 20:00

Stay for the conversation. Immediately following the performance, we invite you to join us for an open discussion. It’s an opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences and gain new perspectives.

🎟️ Reserve your seats at
Pay at the door: 10 EUROS

⚡ Please drop us an email quickly mentioning:

  • your name
  • if you’re attending on Friday 28 or Saturday 29
  • how many seats are you reserving

💌 A big thank you goes to all of our friends who feel like home for their always kind and heartfelt support. Our profound gratitude also goes to the Ermekeilinitiative for their invaluable and generous support and hospitality.

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